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Viking Boy

It's hard to believe it's nearly November when I don't even need a coat, it's so warm and sunny today! Here's a more wintry scene.

Witch gathering apples

Experimenting again with gouache on coloured card.  This colour was perfect for an autumnal theme.

Wildlife Artist

I planned to do Inktober but I've been dreadful at keeping up with it (a couple of them can be seen over on my instagram though!) But I have a lot of watercolour paintings on the go and am thinking about a few Christmas related things.  I will update about that soon but in the meantime here's one of the paintings I finished this week.

Blue Prince

I have a big pad of coloured card that I got years ago, and this week I finally decided to try it out with gouache.  My usual medium is watercolour so it was a challenge getting the consistency of the gouache right - not too dry, not too watery!  I think I might try some more like this.  I have another 23 colours of card to use!