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Squirrel sketching

I thought it might be interesting for blog readers if I were to share some of my process, so I will try to put up more of my sketchbook pages in future - starting with this squirrel. Enjoy!

Materials I painted this happy squirrel using mainly Winsor & Newton watercolours. At the moment I use a combination of Cotman and Professional colours (I try out a colour first using the cheaper Cotman tubes and then replace it with Professional once I've used it up). I also use Kusakabe watercolours that I bought when I was in Japan. I painted this on Bockingford HP watercolour paper.

Research Almost everything I paint requires me to do a bit of research. For this one I did a quick Google image search (there were no squirrels to hand in the garden!) and sketched a few to better understand their faces and posture. I find that the research kind of filters through later when I'm drawing from imagination and just helps to create more believable characters.
Painting I used a fairly limite…